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Mobile Phone Detector

• Detects both 2G & 3G mobile phones

• LED bargraph signal level indication

• Automatic display brightness control

• Advanced digital filtering for signal isolation

• PMR protection circuitry + DECT rejection filters

• Multiple range settings

• Cadenced vibration alert for ease of use

CPD196 Mobile Phone Detector

Product Description

With GSM phones getting ever smaller, they are increasingly being used in areas where they are forbidden. This technology is also becoming the preferred medium for bugs and other surveillance devices.

To combat these problems, PDA Electronics has developed the multi-purpose CPD196 mobile phone detector.

Advanced band-selection filtering coupled to our unique signal-detection algorithms and easy-to-use displays gives unprecedented sensitivity and selectivity for this type of equipment.

The CPD196 can detect both 2G (GSM900 & GSM1800) and 3G (WCDMA / UMTS 2100) mobile phones. For situations where greater accuracy is required and / or specific monitoring is required in areas containing multiple phones, a specially designed directional antenna system can be used with the 196.


Sensitivity and detection ranges
You can set the CPD196’s range and sensitivity to match the application. The High range allows entire cell blocks to be swept, while the Low range helps locate the target mobile more accurately.

In the Handheld mode, the presence and strength of detected GSM phone signals are shown by the Level bargraph display. (The Level display is inhibited in the static mode.)
The Type indicators flash rapidly to show whether the currently detected signal is a Network, 2G or 3G call. Once the signal has ceased, these LEDs flash slowly until the control button is pressed.
Whenever the CPD196 is operating, either the High or Low Range LED will be lit. Use the control button to step between ranges. Level

Using the CPD196
The Handheld mode allows the user to walk around checking for threats. There are two modes, V enables the cadenced vibrator and X causes the unit to function silently.
On the High range, detection range will as much as 300m (in free space, for GSM1800 mobiles on full power-1watt). The Low range is used to pinpoint a phone’s location if a phone is transmitting on high power and the building materials allow easy passage of the signals to adjacent areas.

False Alarm Protection
The CPD196 incorporates several new features to protect against false alarm indications. The first is a special software filter to reject DECT signals. DECT phones work in a frequency band adjacent to the GSM1800 band and cannot be reject entirely by hardware filters. The second feature is PMR rejection. The 196 will reject a 3G alarm if a special PMR circuit detects energy in the 400-500Mhz band at the same time. This prevents prison radios from causing false alarms due to harmonic transmissions.

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