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Networked Surveillance System

• Detects both 2G & 3G mobile phone activity

• Supports up to 200 remote detectors

• Licence Free Radio link with a max range of 5km

• Special Repeater units can extend operational range or avoid RF hazards

• Easy installation and provides total mobility of detectors

• Options to add reactive jammers to system

• Different types of detectors can be used on the same system

CPD3000 Networked Surveillance System

Product Description

With mobile phones getting ever smaller, they are increasingly being used in areas where they are forbidden. This technology is also becoming the preferred medium for bugs and other surveillance devices.

To combat these problems, PDA Electronics has developed the multi-purpose CPD3000 System which can monitor large areas for active cellular devices from a single location.

The CPD310 hub-shown above-can link via a licence free radio link to several hundred remote detectors (CPD351 units) at distances of up to 5km . All remote alarm information is logged and special purpose printer provides a hard copy output.

Applications: Government buildings, Military Installations and Prison Establishments.

System Features

The CPD3000 is designed for both permanent temporary installations. With no wiring issues to worry about, CPD351 units can be quickly located in areas where early detection of cellular activity is required.

In prisons where security walls can severly impair transmissions, the range from remote to CPD310 hub can be significantly reduced. To increase range or help avoid RF obstructions like perimeter walls etc, a repeater can be fitted into the system.

The CPD391 unit is just placed high in a suitable location. One antenna connector is for a suitable external antenna to link back to the hub location the other antenna is for the receiver. Where a clear line of sight can be obtained back to the hub antenna, the use of a high gain directional antenna on the CPD391 can greatly enhance the range. All CPD351 units which have no direct link to the 310 hub now are picked up by the local CPD391 and their transmissions are re-broadcast back to the hub. All CPD351 units on such a system all the use the same frequency and link settings. This allows the mobility of units which is so important a feature of the CPD3000 system.

For extra security any CPD351 can be connected to a standard ECM606 cellular jammer. Once the connection is made the hub will now identify the units as a reactive jammer designated by a “J” and the unit number instead of the normal "D". Everytime the 351 detects cell phone activity, it immdeiately commands the jammer to fire on the appropriate bands for approximately 30 seconds. Again the jammer can be moved to areas of concern and the system automatically adjusts.

For more permanent applications the CPD351 can be replace with an ECM616 which functionally is the same as a CPD351+ECM606 but everything is repackaged into a single unit. The system also supports the ECM671 high powered jammer. In the future other detector modules may be supplied such as satellite phone detectors (Thuraya and Iridium) and jammers.

For monitoring individual cells the CPD356 is an ideal product. It's magnetic fixing allows the unit to be placed on the cell door just above the bottom gap and is designed to detect GSM signals leaking from under the door. CPD3000 Networked Surveillance SystemTo camouflage to the unit a small cover can be placed over the unit which is painted to the same colour of the door. The magnetic fixing consists of several powerful magnets encapsulated in a special rubber coating. This prevents the unit slipping on the door and allows for silent deployment. Sensitivity can be adjusted to suit local requirements.

System Products

CPD310 Hub: Standalone hub with thermal printer
CPD310FD: Flash Drive storage unit
CPD351: Remote detector
CPD391: Link repeater module
CPD392: Trunk Repeater Unit
CPD356: GSM cell detector –magnetic door fixing

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