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Directional Antenna System

• Provides directional detection for 197 unit

• Operates over all GSM, UMTS, LTE and WiFi2400 bands

• Up to 9dBi forward gain enhances range

• Balanced ergonomic design for prolonged use

WM8-197 Directional Antenna System

Product Description

The WM8 antenna system is designed to enhance the detection capabilities of the CPD197 mobile phone detector.

The lightweight assembly (approx 600grams) allows operators to more accurately pin point the location of an operational phone. The detection characteristics also allow the unit to reject unwanted signal reflections from other sources.

The antenna effectively amplifies the signals being supplied to the 197 thereby increasing the range of the unit by as much as 50%.

The assembly can be used, either with the handle or mounted on the operator’s forearm.

When used on the forearm, a velcro strap is provided to ensure the safety of the assembly

Use in Prisons

The WM8-197 was designed specifically for use in prisons and can greatly increase the detection capability. In situations where multiple mobile phones are in operation on a wing at the same time, it can be difficult toidentify the cell containing an active phone simply by using signal strength alone.

The CPD197 when used with the WM8 allows the officer to a scan specific direction with rejection of signals in all but the direction theantenna is pointing–typical beam width ±30°

The assembly can be strapped on the officer’s forearm who can then simply walk passed cells on each landing /level. The CPD197 will then indicate which cell(s)have active phones in them.

Once activity has been detected on a wing the assembly can be setup to monitor specific parts of the wing from one end over a period of time.

Open Prisons

The WM8 assembly greatly improves the detection and location capabilities of the CPD197 by reporting direction as well as signal strength to search team.

With a line of sight range in excess of 500metres for 2G registration signals, the WM8 can be used to identify which accomodation block contains an active phone.

On approaching the block the antenna system can help quickly identify which part of the block the phone is actually located in.

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