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• Covers all (2G), (3G), (4G), (5G) and WIFI frequencies
• WIFI at 2.4Ghz + WIFI at 5GHz
• Transmits up to 12 channels simultaneously
• Adjustable power for each frequency band into antenna
• Special Near Field Antenna providing non polarised output distributed evenly over complete foam analysis surface on Antenna unit

ECM712 Portable Faraday Cage Unit for Forensic Analysis Applications

ECM712 Portable Faraday Cage Unit for Forensic Analysis Applications

The ECM712 is a small portable unit designed to be used for the safe forensic analysis of cellular devices such as phones or tablets.

Twelve independent countermeasure transmitters are connected to a special near field antenna (NFA) to provide a localised non polarised isolation field evenly above the lid area in effect creating a virtual hemispherical Faraday Cage.

This allows the analysis of both phones and tablets without the fear of remote interference over cellular networks or nearby WIFI sources. The characteristics of the NFA cause the isolation signals to reduce rapidly with distance so beyond the stated bubble sizes there is no interference with adjacent devices.

The transmit power of each transmitter can be individually reduced to suit the operational environment which in turn will reduce the exclusion zone area. Once the desired the parameters have been set, they are stored within each unit. The user now simply powers up the unit and all transmitters will function according to the options that have been set.

Operational modes and functions

The main control panel software allows the user to select which transmitters are active and the power level attributed to each transmitter. Full power allows the unit to be used outside in new locations where the strength of the mobile signals are unknown. In lab environments the power can be reduced, especially open office areas, to prevent interference with nearby staff who may need to use their mobile phones.

When the transmitters are set to max the Faraday bubble extends approximately 5 metres from the antenna. This setting can also provide a cellular and WIFI isolation area to small meeting rooms without impacting other nearby rooms.

Another application, allows a technician to define and set the most appropriate RF values for the Lo, Med, and Hi settings antenna








7 + 38

Band 78 Lo

Band 78 Hi


Band 40

Band 44

default settings (MHz)

758 – 803

791 – 821

925 – 960

1805 – 1880

2110 – 2170

2405 – 2485

2570 – 2690

3410 – 3600

3600 – 3800

5150 – 5350

2350 – 2400

700 – 760

Optional Frequency Bands

5G Low band

4G 800 band

2G EGSM+3G (O2 and Vodafone)

GSM1800 +LTE1800 EE and O2 LTE


WiFi channels 1-14 +Bluetooth

4G Urban



Standard setting covers Channels 36-48

LTE 2300 (O2)

4G and 5G

Low: +10dBm (10mW) *
Mid: +20dBm (100mW) *
Max:+30dBm (1000mW) *
* level can be adjusted by software
1 metre Low setting
2 metres Mid setting
5 metres Max setting
The ECM712 can provide a countermeasure signal over the whole 2.4GHz and 5Ghz WIFI supported by phones and tablets.
External 12VDC power supply via 2.5mm power jack
Total consumption at full power on all 12 transmitters – 8 Amps
Range for normal operation: -10 to +50°C.
Antenna Enclosure: 160 x 185 x 31mm
Weight: 410 gm
Signal Generator: 160 x 185 x 52mm
Weight: 1046 gms