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• Creates an electronic no fly zone
• Low power unit
• Range in excess of 1.5km
• 12v power
• Combats all commercially available drones
• Can run 24/7 to decrease manpower

Repulse - UAV/drone countermeasure unit


Repulse is a 12v, low power UAV countermeasure system that can create an invisible electronic shield with a radius in excess of 1km horizontally & vertically that is impenetrable by all currently available commercial drones using either 2.4 or 5.8 GHz for control.

When a drone attempts to enter the exclusion zone created by Repulse, the countermeasure signal denies the operator control, video & telemetry downlink.

The system can be used to create an electronic no fly zone.

Repulse is available in either portable rapid deployment systems or permanently located systems.